Family Law is composed of a set of legal rules that regulate the relationships and successions of the family unit. This practice aims to prevent and resolve possible conflicts.

At ETL GLOBAL NEXUM we take care of advising and defending your interests and those of your family in all areas of family law.

We advise you in:

  • Premarital agreements: agreements in anticipation of rupture and asset arrangement of marriage or common-law couples.
  • Divorce, separation or nullity.
    • Taxation of Spanish Investments Abroad
    • By mutual agreement
    • Judicial
    • Notarial
  • Ecclesiastical marriage annulment
  • Guardianship
  • Drafting of parenting plans
  • Family mediation service
  • International divorces
  • Support claims
  • Common-law couples

We intervene in amicable procedures, determining the best way to split assets, taking into account the best fiscal benefits for both sides.

Why entrust the future of your family to ETL GLOBAL NEXUM?

  • We advise you on the actions that best suit you in each case.
  • Attendance at Court.
  • Drafting the lawsuit.
  • Drafting the Regulatory Agreement.
  • Telephone advice