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We are the 7th professional services firm in Spain

ETL NEXUM is a law firm of professionals born out of the merger of BAa Advocats Associats, founded in 2001, and the law firm Ibáñez & Almenara Abogados y Economistas, founded in 1989.

Lawyers, economists and tax advisors


Financial Advice

Our tax advisors will do their best to improve the performance of your company through a business strategy tailored to your needs. In NEXUM we protect your interests with professionals specialized in the field of tax advising, among others, transfer prices, VAT and international taxation.

Despacho de abogados jurídicos

Legal Advice

Our legal advisors will assist your company across the board. In addition to legal advice, we deal with litigation in any corporate disputes that may arise. Our lawyers are specialists in commercial, corporate and IT Law. We count on international lawyers which will help you to handle international issues.

Despacho de abogados laboralistas

Labor Advice

Our labour advisors will assist you in your company’s labour issues, be they labor disputes, restructuring, performance review systems and disciplinary matters. We will assist you in the management of your payroll, layoffs and contracts, as well as other day-to-day company concerns.

Personal Data Protection Specialist

At ETL Global Nexum we have a team of professionals with extensive experience in personal data protection.
We advise you on the adaptation of your company to current European regulations, implementing the necessary measures to comply with the correct treatment of data and avoid penalties. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive trust advisory tailored to your needs.